Case Study: Tiering from Gold to Platinum

Expanding Our Services and Growing Revenue…

…without growing headcount and HR stress.

Expanding Our Services and Growing Revenue…

…without adding the HR and stress of more headcount.

OTF Partnership

Gold Package



United States


Team Size

4 Full-Time Staff



HubSpot Portal Onboardings
HubSpot Implementation

Biggest Challenges Before Partnering?

Before we started working with OTF, our biggest challenge was finding the right resources that could complete client work. 

We spent a lot of time and effort using freelancers or other service providers. We were really disappointed and unhappy with the service they provided, so we always needed to be on the search for someone that could get it done and get it done right.

And when we found OTF we said - We finally found a partner, someone with the technical resources, the technical expertise and the know-how within HubSpot to help us get things done and deliver for clients.”


Were You Skeptical About

Yes. We were very sceptical about working with a white label agency. Unfortunately, our perception of OTF was subject to bad experiences from other providers.

But when we saw the team’s performance and started receiving those first deliveries, we were very happy to see the level of quality that came through. 

There was relief having found a resource we could lean on when things got busy or we didn’t have the internal capabilities to deliver. 

It’s a matter of trust. Communication is important, so being able to reach out to our PM, when needed, is helpful. Overall, there wasn’t a right partner for us until we found you.

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How Has Partnering
Helped Your Business?

Before working with you, our agency was a small team who didn’t have the financial resources to go and hire a developer or a graphic designer. Even when we asked for help, we didn’t necessarily have the balance sheet to pay for those resources

So having you as a solution, at a reasonable price, was extremely helpful for us to get to the next level as an agency. We have been able to take on more work and offer more services. Our client count has increased so more revenue is coming in and we have been able to invest in more strategic and client facing resources, which helps us grow as an agency. 

As an example… One client’s primary engagement was for HubSpot onboarding work. During the conversation it turned out they wanted to redo their website. I never in my right mind would have offered to do a full website design and build if your team wasn’t there to back us. Not only did this project produce additional revenue, it enabled us to offer a deeper pool of products ongoingly.

People want to work with people that they know, they trust and will deliver. So we cover the know part, we cover the trust part, and the delivery part is where you guys step in and help us. And by delivering, they trust us even more. 

So yes, OTF has definitely helped us offer things we couldn’t before, allowing us to scale and expand our horizons with clients. This has been invaluable to us.


HubSpot Tier Upgrade

“We tiered from Gold to Platinum last year!”

“We’ve only been in existence for two years so, our CAM at Hubspot told us that we tiered really fast. It’s helpful having a partner, who can handle all the technical implementation. There is no way we could have tiered up to Platinum without the support of the OTF team.


Where do you see your business in 1 year?

In one year, our agency will be a Diamond Partner and in order to achieve this, we will need to continue working with OTF. We think of you like a strategic partner. 

It’s like we hit a ceiling... then we brought you in and we were able to jump and break through it. Now, we are hitting another ceiling and you’ll be there to help us break through again. 

We can sleep well at night knowing OTF is there to help us deliver - It’s a cost effective way for us to do it and the work is good quality.”

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What would you say to agencies thinking about coming onboard?

“If there’s anyone considering working with OTF, take it from me…

I have tried a number of white label services, I have tried freelancers, I have tried companies that offer similar services, and I can say that I have finally found a partner I’m gonna stick with.”


What are your top tips to make this relationship successful?

“I’ve had people reach out to me asking about On The Fuze and I tell them the stories. 

One is about a website project... It was a Sunday, things changed and we had to launch the next day. So you brought people into the office on a Sunday night to finish in time for launch. You had our backs and I really appreciate that.

I’d tell new agencies that if you do a good job lining up what you want, set requirements, and put in good requests, the quality of what you receive will be fantastic. You have to be thoughtful of what you send over - “garbage in, garbage out” - to provide good direction and guidance, and what you get back is worth your time to do that.”

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