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Your HubSpot Growth Partner

Powered by good humans for good humans.

A Strategic Partner to handle the 'grunt-work' of HubSpot and help you maximize your investment... without the costs or risks of hiring.

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Our Core Values

We are driven by 4 Core Values.

Every decision that’s made, action that’s taken (and cerveza that’s drank) is done in accordance to our Core Values…

We Grow Always,
In ALL Ways!
We Do What We Say
We Would Do
We Have Each
Other's Backs
We Leave Our
Egos At The Door

Your HubSpot Partner

All we do is HubSpot. We’re a company of 100+ HubSpot Experts who've helped over 1,000 companies maximize the tool.

Everyone at OTF is a full-time employee.
We're based in Colombia, South America...
...supporting US, CA, UK, EU, NZ, and AUS time zones!

Our Accreditations

HubSpot Partner Of The Year

Partner of the Year

Brian Garvey, SVP of the Solutions Partner Program at HubSpot said, “On The Fuze has had an incredible impact on their customers’ success. The entire HubSpot community congratulates On The Fuze and the other Impact Award winners on this exciting achievement.”

Elite badge

Elite HubSpot Partner

As an Elite HubSpot Partner, OTF is in the top 1% of all HubSpot Partners. Even better...

OTF is currently ranked the #1 Partner servicing North America and #3 Partner Internationally.

Onboarding Accredited

Onboarding Accreditation

Based on our technical and strategic skills, the HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation certifies OTF to Onboard (setup) HubSpot for new users.

In 2023, we completed 300+ Onboardings for companies that purchased HubSpot, with the majority of clients being based in the USA and Canada.

Our Leadership Team

Nathan Paris


Natalia Álvarez


Head of Division
Human Resources
Gabrielle Paris


Head of Division
Verónica Rendón


Team Lead
Client Experience
Luis García


Team Lead
Onboarding Strategists
Luis Martínez


Team Lead
Daniel Quiroga


Team Lead
Natalia Carmona


Team Lead
HubSpot Engineers (Medellín)
Diego Ortíz


Team Lead
HubSpot Engineers (Bogotá)
Pablo Aristizábal


Team Lead
Support Strategists

Our Fuzers


Our Expertise

Depending on what services you purchase, we offer a range of expertise for all your HubSpot needs!

HubSpot Experts

Digital Design

Web Development

Back End Devs & Data Analysts

Quality Assurance

HubSpot Experts

  • Sales, Marketing, Service and Business Automations & Processes
  • Reports, workflows, pipelines, etc.
  • Emails, landing pages, blogs, etc.
  • Data Cleanup
  • Portal Audit
  • Native and 3rd Party Integrations (Zapier, Make, etc.)
  • ...anything in HubSpot is supported!

Digital Design

  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs and Listing Pages
  • Website Pages
  • E-Books
  • Social Media Posts
  • Ad Banners

Web Development

  • Frontend HubSpot CMS Development
  • UX/UI Audits
  • Website Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • HubDB (HubSpot's Database)
  • Custom Modules

** Full website builds are not included. Check out our Website Services!

Back End Devs & Data Analysts

  • Backend Developers for Programmable Workflows (Operations Hub)
  • Team of Data Analysts for complex Migrations, Data Cleanup, and Integration projects.

Quality Assurance

  • Full-time QA Team!
  • QA is completed on ALL projects before they're delivered to clients.

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