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Building and simplifying a client’s two-part Referral Process in HubSpot!

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Client’s Challenge

The agency’s client has a pop-up form on their website. This form is filled in by the Referral Partner and captures the details of the person being referred.
The info is then passed on to the appropriate company to get in touch.
The challenge is referrals need to be tracked
2-ways... both referrals to the client AND from the client to their Referral Partners.




Our HubSpot Specialists separated the process into two parts!

Process 1: Captures the person’s information and organizes it in HubSpot

Process 2: The 2nd process passes the information to the sales team

Looks tricky, let’s jump in!


Process 1

Hubspot form created for each referral partner

A unique form was created for each Referral Partner. When filled in, a Workflow is triggered and creates a deal associated with the Referral Partner.

Then a contact is created with the referrals data, associating it with the Custom Property ‘Referred By’ for tracking.

HubSpot workflow create a deal after submitting a form


Deal View

Created deal by automation in HubSpot with referral information


Process 2

Every deal created has a list of properties that must be manually filled.

Once all properties are filled-in, an email with referral details will be automatically sent to the appropriate company to get in touch!

Deal properties to fill manually in HubSpot


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