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Leads need to be organized by high, medium and low quality…

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Client’s Challenge

The client needs to organize and filter their leads by high, medium or low quality status but HubSpot only has two priority options: High Priority and No Priority.

Priority HS task

Looks like a job for our kick-ass HubSpot team!
The sales team needs a way to have more than one priority options or a solution that let’s their team filter by a separate property for high, medium or low quality leads in the tasks queues.
Let’s see what’s cookin’ in the solution kitchen… 




Our HubSpot Engineering Team created 3 task queues in HubSpot and named them according to the lead quality: High Quality, Medium Quality and Low Quality.

Once the lead is contacted and the sales team knows the quality of the enquiry, they can assign the followup task to the corresponding lead quality queue.


Task queues with dropdown menu by quality

Now the sales team can easily filter by lead quality and prioritize their outbound efforts on higher quality leads 🔥

Note: Only users who have a seat in Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise can be added to a task queue. If you assign a task in a queue to a user who does not have access to the queue, that task will be removed from the queue.

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