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A Donation Certification (PDF) needs to be sent once a deal is ‘Won’...

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Client’s Challenge

Once a deal is moved to ‘Won’ in HubSpot, the client needs to send the donor a PDF with their donation certificate.
This isn’t your standard workflow…
Let’s dig into Operations Hub!





Our HubSpot Engineering team first created a Sandbox environment to test how they can leverage a Programmable Workflow in Operations Hub alongside PDF Monkey.

Time to get coding!



Once the deal stage is moved to ‘Won’ the contact is enrolled in a Programmable Workflow with two sets of Custom Code…

Custom Code - Part 1: Creates the PDF document for the donor.

Custom Code - Part 2: Saves the document’s ‘preview link’ so it can easily be added to a HubSpot email later.

Final solution


Application of custom code in an automation


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