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Automating Workflow on Playbook Submission

Automating Workflow
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Client’s Challenge

When a HubSpot Playbook is submitted to a contact or deal, the client needs to trigger a workflow and associate it as a Note. 

Good idea




Our HubSpot Specialists are to the rescue!

First, a workflow was created which changes a custom property called, “Flag” to “YES” if the “Last Activity Date” property is updated.

Using Make (formerly Integromat), it detects if the “Flag” is “YES” and get the IDs of the associated engagements.

Finally, Make’s API calls HubSpot’s API to ensure the activity registered is a Note. 

If this is the case, it reads the Note’s body text AND if the Playbook’s name is found, the custom property “Last Playbook Completed” with the playbook name

*Note: The client had a Make account to make this work 

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