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[URGENT] Bringing Sales Pipelines to Life!

Sales Pipelines
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Client’s Challenge

The client needed a Sales Pipeline with multiple workflows attached to automate communication with prospects, assign deals, and ticket creation/assignment.

The tricky part?

Our client had a tight deadline to meet AND they needed assistance with extra requests.

Luckily, our team of amazing HubSpot Strategists and Specialists were up for the challenge 🤓




Our Fuzers divided the project was divided into 2 phases…

PHASE 1: Investigation

  • Documentation review
  • Ask questions upon reviewing the client’s HubSpot Portal
  • Once the rework on the documentation was created, follow up with the client and present the solution

PHASE 2: Final Solution Building

  • Setting expectations with the client on what we created
  • Meeting with the team
  • Propose new gameplan

In total, we created… 2 Sales Pipelines + 13 Workflows + extensive documentation + multiple assets + a custom object + a Ticket Pipeline Inspection + documentation on a communications list.

Sales Pipeline

“From what I've seen so far, this is fantastic!”



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