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Creating a Custom Solution to Present the Deal Count of Each Pipeline Stage Reporting Help!!

Pipeline Stage Reporting
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Client’s Challenge

The client wants to see their monthly deal count and how many deals are in each stage of their pipeline.
Let’s see what reporting our HubSpot Experts cooked up!




At first, we ran into a blocker… HubSpot doesn’t let you view a deal stage’s history.

After some investigating, our HubSpot Experts found a solution…

  1. They downloaded the information of the Deal Stage property.
  2. Created new properties for each stage of the pipeline.
  3. Then, imported the history (date) of each stage.

Final Solution

The following reports were created for each deal stage! The new deal property made it possible to see the history of the number of deals for each stage of the pipeline.

Reports by deal stage shows number of deal per stage in a pipeline


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