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Creating a multi-step module with changing responses according to the user’s input

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Client’s Challenge

The client needs to create a multi-step form module that gathers information submitted in HubSpot and displays different paths according to the user's responses.
After the user has finished responding, there needs to be two clickable CTAs to book a time or request a phone call.




Front-End Dev Team came to the rescue!

We created a script which hides and shows the next step according to the questions the user has answered; it has a validation that detects:

  • Empty fields
  • Email Format
  • Amount of characters in number fields
  • As the fields are filled in, the script feeds the HubSpot form and sends the data before the last step, which is controlled by javascript.

Multi-step form created in HubSpot controlled by javascript

Then, we worked on the wizard functionality steps to change active classes and integrated all the CSS in the HTML to avoid overlapping other modules!


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