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Creating Custom Elements and Automation for a Lead Generation Campaign

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Client’s Challenge

This agency needs to create a lead generation campaign to help drive traffic to their clients website
The challenge?
There are several custom elements that need to be built to accurately qualify the leads and create a unique experience for each customer.




The Campaign’s Objective is to (1) Accurately qualify leads and (2) Engage existing and prospective clients, creating a personalized survey and feedback system.

Our PM, Development and HubSpot experts came together and presented our client with the following action plan (which they LOVED!)...

Step 1: Our HubSpot Specialists created a survey (pictured below). This allowed us to capture a unique set of data from each user.

Step 2: We designed and built a custom report, which appeared after completing the survey. Based on the user’s response, a corresponding recommendation would appear to help the user.

Step 3: Let the HubSpot magic begin…

A HubSpot Form and Custom Properties were created for each section of the survey. 

This allowed us to record the user’s answers to each question and the corresponding recommendation given to them.

This was automated using HubSpot workflows which set the Custom Properties to capture the data of the user’s answers and recommendations.

Image 3 (1)

Step 4: Finally, another workflow was created to send an automated email with the user's recommendations!

The Result

After receiving the final project from Team OTF, our client shared…

“Wow, you went above and beyond my expectations. We will definitely be implementing this! I rely on your knowledge and expertise!”


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