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Email Templates with Rounded Images and Drag-and-Drop Modules

Email Templates
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Client’s Challenge

Our client needed us to design and build e-mail templates with the following specifics:

  • Rounded images from the client’s brand
  • Easily editable modules, allowing them to change colors of elements
  • Sleek design based on branding




First, our designer team delivered a mockup which the client was super happy with!

Next, our dev team started the build. They took care to create easy to use drag-and-drop modules and customized the images so they had a rounded corner in the bottom right (see images).

image 1  white lable

image 2 white lable

The Result

The client was VERY happy with the results!

“It’s hard to find a Partner who not only understands HubSpot but also the design and development of the many assets that go into a typical campaign: email templates, landing pages, custom modules!”


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