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HubSpot Import Challenge: Organizing 13,000 Products!

HubSpot Import
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Client’s Challenge

A client needed to store about 13,000 products in HubSpot… with a special request to store them across 260 different folders. 

Our client couldn’t import the products directly to the HubSpot folders.

Let’s see how our Fuzers tackled this challenge!




Our amazing HubSpot Experts and Data Analysts came up with a solution…

HubSpot does not have an EndPoint to extract a product’s folder information, so they wrote code to save the products in their respective folders. 

This allowed the HubSpot API to update the product's location, and a Web Scraping algorithm to collect the information of the folders (IDs + Names) from the browser on the HubSpot product page.

This service of relocating records within HubSpot can be provided for any type of record (landing page, blogs, files, products...). by our Data team.


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