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I need two new website pages. They MUST BE user-friendly!

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Client’s Challenge

Our client needs 2 new website pages and they MUST be user friendly! 

Previous elements on their website were hard-coded, therefore could not be edited without the expertise of a developer.

OTF needs to create 2 new pages and create drag and drop modules to make it easy for the client to edit their website in the future!





Our Designers and CMS Front-End Developers worked together, creating Custom Modules that will be content editor friendly.

Here are the steps they followed…

➔ Present the design and get the client’s approval

➔ Install the CMS Theme (choose to use OTF’s CMS Theme)

➔ Create the modules, ensuring they are user friendly

➔ Test and edit the modules

The Result


image 1 white lable (2)


The client was SUPER HAPPY with the results and how easy it is to make edits!

They loved it so much that they decided to Migrate the entire to OTF’s CMS Theme.


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