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Leveraging Operations Hub and Custom Properties…

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Client’s Challenge

The client wants to use a property to store how much time a ticket spends in the ‘Waiting on Us’ status, taking into account that the ticket can leave and return to the status.
Let’s solve this with Ops Hub and Custom Properties!




First, two properties were created…

‘Waiting on Us - Minutes’: This property saves a numeric value which increases in increments of 15, every 15 minutes (15, 30, 45, 60, etc.). 

The value is cleaned when the status moves out of ‘Waiting on Us’ and will start again if returned to this status.

‘Waiting on Us - Total Time (Minutes)’: When the ticket is moved to another status, this property sums its current value and the value of the ‘Waiting on Us - Minutes’ to give the total time spent in ‘Waiting on Us’ status.

Now to Ops Hub!

Final solution

Finally, Operations Hub allows us to leverage custom code to create the cumulative process for the ‘Waiting on Us - Total Time (Minutes)’ property.

Custom code created by Operations Hub

This is how the solution looks!

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