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Migrating Hundreds of Wordpress Blogs to HubSpot!

Migrating Wordpress Blogs to HubSpot
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Client’s Challenge

Our client faced a significant challenge… they needed to migrate HUNDREDS of blogs from WordPress to HubSpot. 

At first, this looked easy BUT the process was complicated because not all data could be extracted and exported from WordPress. 

Our team had to find a solution to ensure that all relevant data was successfully transferred to HubSpot while also meeting the client's expectation for an automatic migration process.




The solution was to utilize a combination of data collection methods... By using a mix of information from WordPress and directly from the website, we ensured that all relevant data was captured.

This was achieved through the use of data processing and Web Scraping techniques, utilizing customized algorithms written in Python. 

This approach ensures that even if not all data could be extracted and exported from WordPress, the necessary information could still be gathered and used in the migration to HubSpot.


Efficient Data Migration from WordPress to HubSpot through a Hybrid Approach


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