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Online and ZOOM courses in HubSpot, using Shopify purely as a payment platform.

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Client’s Challenge

The client needs to manage their online and ZOOM courses in HubSpot while using Shopify as the payment platform.
AND they need to give their clients the option to select the course quantity directly on their HubSpot website so the customers don’t have to visit the Shopify store.




First, our Developers and HubSpot Specialists investigated what could be done with the info provided in the Shopify checkout URLs.

Once we discovered the product ID and quantity could be pulled from the Shopify payment link, we got to work…

Platform integration for payment

Next, we created the website pages which use Shopify checkout links as buttons to pass the course selection to a custom checkout experience in HubSpot

There, the users could pick the number of courses. 


Final solution

Finally, the customer is redirected to a Shopify checkout experience which leverages the Shopify checkout links to create a matching bill.

Successful integration as seen from the pipeline

And after receiving a successful payment a deal is created and associated to the contact record in the e-commerce pipeline!


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