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Resource intensive project! Building Complex custom modules

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Client’s Challenge

The client needs several complex custom modules built on their HubSpot CMS webpage.

What makes this a challenge?
The page has modules WE HAVE NEVER DEVELOPED before this project!! 

What makes these modules ‘complex’?
After an initial investigation, our team needed the build out the following process…

It started with a custom module that connected to a HubSpot form. The form integrates with HubSpot, saving customers’ data in the client’s CRM.

Additionally, the page needs LOTS of CUSTOM MODULES with different functionalities.




This was a resource-intensive project…

2 Developers worked on this project simultaneously to ensure due dates were hit!

Then, a Teach Lead joined into work on the custom module, which leveraged a HubSpot form…

…so, 2 Developers, a Tech Lead, a PM, and QA were needed to deliver this complex project!

The Result



We delivered this complex project while also…

Hitting the scheduled Delivery Date

Meeting QA Standards 

Having great communication with our client!

The page is LIVE now! See for yourself in the video above!


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