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Solving Integration Issues between PhantomBuster and HubSpot with Custom Script

PhantomBuster and HubSpot Integration
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Client’s Challenge

Our client has been using Zapier to connect PhantomBuster and HubSpot to save a company’s LinkedIn information.

The problem? Zapier hasn’t been working well so the client needs a different solution to update LinkedIn and several other custom properties for a Company in HubSpot.

Here’s the specifications we worked with…

  1. Avoid using HubSpot CRM Enricher Phantom because it can cause issues when updating records
  2. Simplify the integration
  3. Create a custom script on PhantomBuster to solve the client’s issues





We broke this project into 3 steps…

(1) Investigation
We investigated 3 possible solutions:

  • Improve the integration
  • Develop a PhantomBuster custom code
  • Improve code to take more actions

(2) Develop Code
Using the PhantomBuster API, we made a POST request to the BP API, and pulled information from the last execution of the “Linked Company Scraper” Phantom. 

(3) Flexible Code Changes

  • Changes to the code were made to make it native because the client requested that a HubSpot default property be used to identify the companies that we had to update.
  • Changes were made to not only take the last Phantom but also the existing ones after the last execution: The code no longer just takes the last result, but identifies the last time it was executed, evaluates all the results, and takes them all at the same time, after the last execution of the custom code we developed.


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