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Turning a complex nav menu into a marketing-friendly, drag and drop module

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Client’s Challenge

The website’s current navigation menu is too complex…
A dev is always needed to make changes because it’s only editable with code and now, the client needs to add a LOT more content to the menu, but there’s no space.
Drag and drop editable Mega Menu, incoming!




Let’s create a user-friendly, customizable menu!

Our dev team created a custom MegaMenu Module with:

  • Drag & Drop functionality
  • Space for new content
  • Ability to organize content by hierarchy
  • Extensive and easy customization (add and delete columns, links, info, social media options, videos, images and more…)

P.S. It’s 1000% marketing-friendly ;)

Final solution

Megamenu module customization

Megamenu organized content by hierarchy

Megamenu drag and drop functionality

Customization columns in megamenu

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