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Website Migration: 900 Drupal Pages to HubSpot’s CMS

Website Migration
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Client’s Challenge

Our client needed us to migrate their Drupal-based website (utilizes a RETS feed for the MLS) to the HubSpot CMS. 

This included approximately 900 pages AND a complete re-design!

A great challenge which involved 5 teams of specialists… designers, HubSpot experts, frontend and back end developers and the QA team.




Here’s the steps our Fuzers followed to deliver the client’s new website…

  • New design presented and approved
  • Created a customizable integration between Bridge and HubSpot, using the API, for a massive data migration (included blogs, listings, and more)
  • Setup domains and redirections within HubSpot to maintain a smooth user experience during migration
  • Created dynamic pages leveraging HubDB (HubSpot’s database)
  • Built complex integrations, managing domains and redirections, handling databases, and diligently tracking logs truly set you apart.

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