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Lisa Cave
Cave, L.

Finance & Insurance

Fabulous Experience

We were delighted with the quality of service and professionalism of Luis Garcia. He systematically walked us through our onboarding steps and we have a solid understanding and platform to launch in the new year.

Dov Levin
Levin, D.

Real Estate

Very happy with OTF services

I am happy to share that we had a wonderful experience with Tatiana Rosas. She was knowledgeable, organized and responsive. She took the time to understand our business and really took it from there. I would highly recommend.

Ben Levite
Levite, B.

Consumer Services

Wonderful Experience with Camilla and On The Fuze

It was a wonderful experience working with Camilla and OTF. They were efficient, professional, friendly, and easy to work with. Her extensive knowledge of HubSpot and ability to adapt to our nuanced needs. I would recommend OTF and Camilla specifically to anyone who needs help with HubSpot. They are absolutely wonderful.
Kevin Mautino
Mautino, K.

Transportation & Storage

Comprehensive HubSpot Onboarding Experience

Luis Garcia did a real nice job getting me onboarded with HubSpot (Sales Hub and Marketing Hub platforms). The entire process, from initial discovery to handoff, took just over a month. I met weekly with Luis to go over the various items he and his team were working on. But during the week, we were in constant communication as I ran through my list of action items. I'm not able to claim to be a HubSpot expert (that will still take some time), but I feel like Luis and the On The Fuze team set us up with a solid foundation on which to be successful in our new sales/CRM and marketing processes, and to also gain a deeper understanding of HubSpot's capabilities.

JT Haskins
Haskins, J.


HubSpot Onboarding

OTF was even better than we had anticipated in onboarding us to HubSpot. Having come from a scaled down version of a different CRM in the market, we were skeptical of how we would be able to maximize HubSpot for not only our sales efforts, but also for our overall everyday business operations. Tatiana Rosas and her team were exceptional in showing us the ins and outs of the platform. Most importantly, she and her OTF colleagues did the heavy lifting on technology implementations, integrations, and other behind the scenes tasks to alleviate our burden. We've been fully onboarded for a few weeks now and our productivity has skyrocketed. We would recommend HubSpot and OTF to any company looking to maximize their HubSpot utilization.
Scott Collisson-1
Collisson, S.

Construction & Renovation


Margarita provided 2 sessions of training for our team. She was excellent.
Anthony Yoder
Yoder, A.

Construction & Renovation

Website setup and onboarding

It was a pleasure working with the ON THE FUZE team. They were responsive and did a great job working with us to meet the needs we had. Luis was great to work with and would absolutely use again if services are needed.
Chris Wurtz
Wurtz, C.

Technology - Software

Great value

Overall a great value, the staff is great! I highly recommend using OTF for any implementation of HubSpot. Daniel was very professional and organized.
Lucas J. Diaz
J. Diaz, L.

Real Estate

Great experience

Very satisfied with the assistance that Margarita and her team provided. It was quite a challenge because we needed to maintain Salesforce CRM, and they were very helpful with establishing connections, replicating, and improving the assets we had in Marketing Cloud.
Lucas Blanco
Blanco, L.


Very good experience with Luis Garcia

I recently underwent the onboarding process for HubSpot facilitated by On the Fuze, and I wish to highlight their excellent work, particularly under the guidance of Luis Garcia. On the Fuze demonstrated a profound understanding of our organizational requirements from the beginning, customizing the onboarding process to align seamlessly with our strategic objectives. Their expertise in navigating HubSpot's functionalities was evident throughout, ensuring a well-planned and executed onboarding journey. Luis Garcia, in particular, showcased exceptional knowledge of HubSpot, effectively communicating complex concepts with a high level of professionalism. His commitment to addressing our inquiries and concerns, coupled with a patient and informative approach, greatly contributed to the success of the onboarding experience. Effective communication channels were established, ensuring timely updates at each stage of the onboarding process. I thank to Luis Garcia and On the Fuze team for their great job on our HubSpot onboarding process.
Tayo Adaran
Adaran, T.


A Five-Star Experience!

I am delighted to give Alejandro a well-deserved five-star review for his outstanding management of our CRM implementation! Alejandro's expertise and dedication were evident throughout the entire process. His meticulous planning, attention to detail, and innovative problem-solving ensured a seamless and successful implementation that exceeded our expectations. His professionalism and technical prowess make him an invaluable asset for any on the fuze (OTF) implementation, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for his exceptional skills and dedication!
Ken Kunsman
Kunsman, K.


Great job by OTF

Working on behalf of a client's implementation, I had a great experience with OTF and Margarita Rodríguez Tovar. We stayed on schedule and got the results we wanted.
Enrique Romero
Romero, E.


Exceptional HubSpot Onboarding with OnTheFuze and Tatiana Rosas

We're incredibly pleased with OnTheFuze's HubSpot onboarding, led by Tatiana. Tatiana's expertise guided us to maximize HubSpot, from understanding the basics to customizing workflows, landing pages, sequences, etc. OnTheFuze's team went beyond expectations, providing tailored insights that empowered us to leverage HubSpot effectively. Communication with Tatiana was seamless, and her proactive approach made the entire process smooth. If you're looking for a team that combines technical proficiency with a commitment to client success, On The Fuze and Tatiana are the go-to choice. Highly recommended!
Daniel Brooks
Brooks, D.

Banking/Financial Services

Patient and Knowledgable

My PM at OTF was simply amazing. Alejandra was patient, knowledgable, and very easy to work with. She provided us a simple step by step guide on how to progress smoothly through our implementation, and for an organization that had changing processes during the implementation, she was well equipped to facilitate. Kudos OTF Team, you hired an amazing employee in Alejandra.
Mikael Hinojosa
Hinojosa, M.

Automotive & Transport

Tatiana was great, we are setup now.

Tatiana made sure all my templates were setup and workflows automated. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Great communication, glad to her on my account!
Seth Tropper
Tropper, S.

Banking/Financial Services

Transition to HubSpot

Thank you OTF! A CRM is the lifeline of our business and we needed to ensure a smooth transition from one CRM to HubSpot. OTF provided us with great guidance and support throughout the transition/ onboarding process...
Jason Norton
Norton, J.

Technology - Software

Tatiana and On The Fuze are fantastic!

Tatiana did an amazing job guiding us through our Service HubSpot integration. There were a lot of custom items that we needed for our business and On The Fuze was able to take care of everything that we needed. Tatiana was super kind, knowledgeable, and really made us feel comfortable during every step of the way. She went out of her way to take time to explain things to us and answer all of our questions. We are super happy with how things turned out!
Clay Stanley
Stanley, C.

Great work

Enjoyed working with my rep Yornel. He was responsive and timely at resolving everything. Solid communication.
Kayla Orekomaiya
Orekomaiya, K.

Legal Services

Great Service!

Highly recommend the CRM migration, they made it very easy and Luis was great.
Benjamin Haws
Haws, B.

Technology - Software

Great experience

Worked with OTF for building out my HubSpot instance. Rafa, our project manager, and the rest of the team was responsive and understanding. We are a seed stage startup and pivots happen and OTF was there to support us the whole way.
Sarah Blackmon
Blackmon, S.

Consumer Services

Excellent experience with Tatiana Rosas

The HubSpot Onboarding CRM migration provided by OTF was top notch. We learned a ton but our team was also very surprised at just how much is included in the package. Tatiana was flexbile with us when we had confusion or any issues. She is a very patient, kind, and knowledgable person.
Brad Sariego
Sariego, B.

Finance & Insurance

Seamless Onboarding!

OTF was fantastic to work with for onboarding our HubSpot account! They were super organized and made very helpful suggestions throughout the process (which made my life as a PM very easy). I also loved the resources and How-To's which simplified our learning! Thanks so much OTF!!
Courtney Fuller
Fuller, C.

Real Estate

Great Team and Service

OTF was a pleasure to work with! Maria was an awesome HubSpot strategist. She was super responsive to any questions we had and their team was able to get all of our CRM data migrated into HubSpot seamlessly. Thanks for all your help!
Caitlin Noblin
Noblin, C.


Had a great experience!

Our experience with OTF has been very beneficial! They have helped us move over to HubSpot completely, and have explained the process to us the entire time. When we had questions about features or the platform, they would record explanation videos and help us learn the system. Overall, I am thankful for OTF and the help they have provided us!
David Bradish
Bradish, D.


Training on CRM System

It was very good, questions were answered in timely manner.
Matthew Yazge
Yazge, M.

Marketing Services

A great partner

OTF was great to work with - they used a project management platform that made it super easy to track our progress and understand what tasks my team needed to complete. Alejandra was incredibly easy to work with. She was helpful, responsive, and just a very pleasant human being!
Drew Ritter
Ritter, D.

Telecom & Mobile Communications

A Well Organized Onboard With Good Follow-Up

ServiceHub Onboarding with Maria at OTF was a cost-effective and smooth process. OTF's systems and tools are very well organized and flowed very well. Maria was a pleasure to deal with and always did her best to answer our questions thoroughly. There was some internal confusion at one point and Maria quickly made herself available to answer all of our questions to make sure we were all on the same page with the project. Would recommend using them if you need a structured onboarding.
Melonie Eternicka
Eternicka, M.

Transportation & Storage

Onboarding Made Easy with OTF's Expertise

Starting off with OTF was a bit rocky, mostly because of our own internal issues and a tight deadline for getting our forms up and running. But OTF, and especially Daniel, really came through for us. Daniel not only guided us through the technical aspects but also provided valuable insights into various scenarios to maximize HubSpot's features. I really appreciated that he recorded our meetings so we could go back and review. Even when we had challenges implementing on our end, On The Fuze was there to help. Big thumbs up to OTF for their solid support and expertise.
Victor Spinetti
Spinetti, V.

Consumer Products

Sales Process Brought to Life!

We had a fantastic onboarding experience with the OTF team. They were thorough in setting the expectations and diligent in completing the work. Specifically, our team of Strategist Maria Alejandras and the Engineer, Felipe, were fantastic to work with. Felipe built an incredible amount of automations into our process to make it work just like we designed on paper!
Paul Gudonis
Gudonis, P.

Technology - Software

Rafa is a superstar!

As a constantly evolving startup I think it is fair to say that we were not the easiest of customers to deal with, either not knowing exactly what it is we want yet or not having systems set up to function with HubSpot. Rafa did a great job of guiding us through this and, as a result of his efforts, we have a working HubSpot implementation. It is not 100% where we need it to be but that is definitely nothing to do with Rafa or OTF and we will be in a lot better position than managing our pipeline in Google Sheets! Muchos gracias Rafa!
Bradford Fleming
Fleming, B.

Consumer Services

Yornel Cares about his Clients

We loved working with Yornel. You could tell that he really wanted us as a non-profit organization to be successful in the implementation of our new HubSpot CRM. He offered several helpful ideas to help with the transition and maximize what can be accomplished.
Mark Firmin
Firmin, M.

Technology - Software

Perfect for implementation of HubSpot Marketing & Sales Hub for a startup

Cross your fingers you are lucky enough to be assigned Margarita as your lead (though I'm sure all the team is great!). Margarita is a positive passionate team player who helped guide us through the many nuisances of HubSpot for our startup business. Highly recommended.
Alison Bretherick
Bretherick, A.

Real Estate

Amazing Integration Accomplished!

On The Fuze tirelessly worked to make a very difficult integration work for our company specific needs. We had spent months looking for a solution with very little luck. The minute that we brought On The Fuze on board, with the amazing team we worked with - both Edward and Maria Alejandra - we knew we were in the right hands to get the job done. I am so happy to say that our entire system now operates seamlessly and in real time thanks to them both. I would highly recommend them to any one looking to improve their platform with a custom API. Not only that, but their customer service, and timely responses were an extra bonus to the whole process.
Kory Bixler
Bixler, K.

Technology - Software

HubSpot Onboarding with OTF

Our experience was great. Our rep at OTF was Margarita who is very knowledgeable about HubSpot. Margarita was very thorough, organized a pleasure to work with.
Elijah Wheeler
Wheeler, E.

Medical & Wellness

Tatiana is a HERO! So thankful for her services.

OTF is a great addition to our organization, however, Tatiana combined with OTF changed the trajectory of how we are going to utilize HubSpot moving forward. HubSpot is a great CRM, but without Tatiana's support, we'd miss out on 90% of what HubSpot offers their clients today. None of what we are using HubSpot for today, including blogs, marketing emails, CRM, and action items would have been imaginable without the insight and project management Tatiana performed. We are so thankful to have met and had Tatiana on our team during the course of implementing this new tool. Thank you Tatiana!
Eric Garrison
Garrison, E.


Great experience

The team has been very helpful in mapping out tasks and help to keep things to a tight timeline.
Juan Pazo
Pazo, J.

Banking/Financial Services

Great Process and Amazing Customer Support Team

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the OTF team, and they were simply excellent. Our initial goal was to learn how we could effectively utilize our HubSpot resources to organize our marketing and sales efforts. We ended up automating processes to convert more leads and close more deals. Their commitment to achieving project goals went above and beyond. Communication was easy and open, and their expertise was evident. Mafe was extremely patient with us. Her professionalism, knowledge, and attitude were instrumental in the success of the process. Even when demands were high and time was short, their support was unwavering.
Chad Ponciano
Ponciano, C.

Medical & Wellness

Leveraging leads, nurturing opportunities, and closing successfully

We are a small medical technologies business in our next phase of growth. Our initial goal was to learn how we can effectively utilize our HubSpot resources to convert more leads and close more deals. Tatiana was extremely patient with us. As a business our demands are high. Her professionalism, knowledge, and attitude is peerless. Even when tension was high because of expectations and timeline, she did not acquiesce from working through it to meet the demands. We couldn't be happier with her support.
Taylor Bates
Bates, T.

Marketing Services

Great Services

We migrated from Asana to HubSpot. The OTF team was great at helping us map all the tasks and automations from Asana into HubSpot. We were able to come up with a company profile view that our CSMs love. Yornel was a fantastic help!
Shawn Primavera
Primavera, S.


OTF On-boarding

Alejandra was great, she took the time to listen to our business needs and in a timely manner solve any issues that came up. I highly recommend her and we were fortunate to have her be our expert. Thank you
Arianna Morosetti
Morosetti, A.

Business Services - General

Working with the OTF Team: Expertise, Enthusiasm, and Outstanding Results!

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the OTF team, and they were simply excellent. Their commitment to realizing project goals went above and beyond. Expertise was evident, communication was easy and open, and their enthusiasm made working together not only productive but also enjoyable. A truly remarkable team that I wholeheartedly recommend.
Don Meyer
Meyer, D.


Great to work with

Alejandra was a pleasure to work with. My colleague and I have no experience with HubSpot or On The Fuze, but she thoroughly led us through the process with efficiency and patience. Alejandra was a pleasure to work with. Thank you!
Eileen Proven
Proven, E.


Great Experience!

Alejandra was thorough and did a great job onboarding the NJCPA. It was a pleasure to work with her these last few weeks. I am looking forward to getting started with HubSpot. Thank you!
Jennifer Dunn
Dunn, J.


Fantastic Process and Amazing Customer Support Team

Organized, helpful and easy to follow. Tatiana was GREAT. She kept everything on track and I knew what my home work was each week.

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