Case Study: Confidence to Sell

How We Got the Confidence to Sell More Services…

…without the high costs and quality inconsistencies of past vendors.

How We Got the Confidence to Sell More Services…

…without the high costs and quality inconsistencies of past vendors.

OTF Partnership

Gold Package



United Kingdom


Team Size

13 Full-Time Staff



HubSpot Implementation
Creation of Marketing Assets

Biggest Challenges Before Partnering with OTF?

“We are a bit different from other HubSpot agencies because we are a Creative Agency first. The standards we set are very high, so I think our biggest challenge was that we couldn’t find any HubSpot Developers or people that were familiar with HubSpot in the UK.

We had a couple partners, one in the US and one in Canada who were freelance designers and developers but the quality was not particularly good. They needed very close management and were also quite expensive.

We had to be very specific about what projects we were going to use them for and what we would do with them. Then we were trying to get our team up to speed on HubSpot but this took a lot of time away from creative tasks and some client relationships.



Were You Skeptical About

“I’m very much a believer that you trust people will do a good job until they prove you otherwise. So I came into this with an open mind, hoping and expecting that you would deliver everything we needed. There was a steep learning curve but we’ve always had a model where partners are an important part of what we do.

So no, I wasn’t skeptical about the relationship. I knew we needed a HubSpot Dedicated Partner and our initial meetings with Nathan (OTF’s CEO) provided a lot of trust in your process.

I think the only thing of concern at the beginning was the time difference because we’re in the UK and you’re based on US timezones but those were just ‘teething problems’.”

There’s no longer the element of stress of sourcing and managing different resources and worrying about things not being delivered.
Having a dedicated Project Manager really helps… We know we always have someone to speak with, manage priorities and accelerate projects when needed.

How Has Partnering
Helped Your Business?

“It’s helped with growth and revenue because we have more confidence selling HubSpot services, knowing that we can deliver.

A specific example… Client A’s website which we leveraged OTF to build on the HubSpot CMS. Without you, we would’ve just built it on WordPress with another Partner, but then we would have had to manage all the integrations and there would’ve been a lot more challenges.

Obviously, there’s more revenue because we work with you on a monthly retainer. The fact that we’re building a big website for our client doesn’t increase our monthly costs. The cost is predictable, it’s profitable and makes website projects easy, which they weren’t in the past.

Just for me, the biggest help is that I don’t have to turn all my account handlers into HubSpot experts. They need basic training but it helps us be a Creative Agency first, rather than a HubSpot Agency first.”


Tiering to Gold…

"The fact that we Tiered [to Gold] with HubSpot quite quickly is a result of this Partnership."

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What Would You Say To
Agencies Thinking About
Using OTF?

“Well, I’d say… Thank you On The Fuze!

Take it as a compliment, I’d say that OTF is like an extension of our team. I don’t think of you as a different team which is a key part of this relationship. We don’t have to be stressed or nervous about work getting done or managing projects.

It probably comes down to the fact that we’re on the Gold Tier package. If you’re scaling and need dedicated HubSpot capacity, then embrace this solution and don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for anything that needs to be done!

Things were not perfect on day one. Both sides of the Partnership had to listen to each other to grow and improved our processes to make this successful for the long run.

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