Case Study: Focus on Strategy and Clients

How We’re Able to Put Strategy and Clients First…

…and let someone else handle hiring, and retaining staff.

How We’re Able to Put Strategy and Clients First…

…and let someone else handle hiring, and retaining staff.

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Biggest Challenges Before Partnering?

“Before partnering, we were a larger agency. We had a lot more people than now, but because we were not a super-huge agency, we couldn't have people who were only managing people.

Our employees had to do both; fulfill work, strategy, and manage people. This was hard to balance, and we did not enjoy it. Although we really cared about our people, we didn’t have enough time to help them and invest in them, so we had to downsize a lot.

Partnering with OTF means that we could worry about strategy, focus on our clients and let someone else be in charge of hiring and managing staff, helping us scale up and down as needed!”


Were You Skeptical About

“No, we were not skeptical but we were unsure… we were unsure what delivery would look like AND what the relationship would look like.

We asked ourselves, “Are we going to find the true partnership we need or is this just going to be a fulfillment team of random people and we would have to be concerned about the quality of the final product?”


We absolutely found a true partnership with OTF.

Everyone we've worked with has been very ready to take on criticism, to work on potential issues, and take on ideas. They have been a key component of our growth.”


How Has Partnering
Helped Your Business?

“We came to OTF at a time where we needed to fulfill work, but we were also restructuring and didn’t know what the new shape of our company would look like or what type of work we wanted to do.

OTF gave us the flexibility to try things, discover what worked, what didn't work, and gave us the ability to scale very quickly, up and down.

As an agency, you're either growing or you're not, so it can be hard to scale. OTF provides us with the team we need to be extremely scalable at a moment's notice.”


“Trust OTF and

“Just be honest and talk to your team at OTF because they're going to do what it takes to be awesome. Also, I think they are as committed as us, to keeping our streams of work full. So they care that the streams are being used as much as the people paying for them, which I think is really nice.”


How Were
Challenges Handled?

“OTF takes on challenges as an opportunity to improve processes and I feel like we also got the chance to grow and improve so that our partnership has gotten really strong. They’re always willing to listen, take on board criticism and challenges in order to make themselves better and provide a better product while still maintaining good internal work habits.

That's what we look for in a Partnership… someone who's willing to listen, and has really good business processes.”

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What Would You Say To
Agencies Thinking About
Using OTF?

“If you are looking for a partner in growth, OTF is where you should go.

They really do what it takes to build a relationship and be an extension of our team. So I would say, absolutely do it!

We brought OTF on not for a specific project, but we basically said, "Here's a thing that we want to do in our business on a regular basis, and we want your team to be as proficient in it as we are so that we can all do it together." They were totally open to creating a repeatable process, and they got it done. It's been wonderful! I mean, what better partner can you ask for?”

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