Case Study: OTF-Scaling Business Success

How We Got the Confidence to Sell More Services…

…without the high costs and quality inconsistencies of past vendors.

Winning Bigger Contacts, Growing their Client Base and...

OTF Partnership




United States


Team Size

4 Full-Time Staff



HubSpot Implementation
Creation of Marketing Assets
Website Build

Before you partnered with OTF, what were your biggest challenges? 

Before partnering with OTF, our client faced challenges with managing resources and growing their business...

"The big thing that drew us to ON THE FUZE is that we're a big HubSpot partner. So we’re constantly getting work in, and to get that work completed, we were using a lot of subcontractors. It was great but the problem is we're always competing with other people for [the freelancer’s] time. So it was taking a little bit longer for us to get things turned around.



Have we helped you overcome these challenges?

“When we found you guys, we literally were like, ‘all right, let's give them a shot and see if they're able to handle it.’...and you guys were able to handle the work that needed to get done, and the quality was there. 

So it really made it easy for us, because rather than us trying to hunt down a subcontractor that could do it, we knew we just had you guys. We just had to make sure we planned out our projects accordingly. So it was very helpful in that sense of it.”

We can now go after BIGGER deals we would have never gone after because now, we have a team behind us.
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Were you skeptical about working with us?

“Yeah, of course when you start with someone, there’s always a little bit of hesitation, because you just don't know what the quality of work is. So we tried you guys with a couple projects: we were happy with the outcome. Then after the first one or two projects, we were very comfortable. We kind of look at you guys as another part of the team.”

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How has partnering with us helped your business? Any particular achievement?

“Partnering with OTF helped them confidently offload the tech work so they can focus on sales and adding value to their clients…

 "I think one of the biggest things is that the HubSpot work you take off our plate allows my employees to focus on more important things or things that have to be addressed. So it’s really giving them additional time, which... You know the saying, "Time is money." So it definitely works for us.

From my POV as an agency owner, it's helped us focus more on selling, than us jumping in the weeds and helping our employees get stuff done. So we're able to have more sales calls, and put out more bids. It's just really allowed us to focus more on our business and growing it, rather than trying to just be a worker, I guess you could say.

One particular achievement that resulted from partnering with OTF was winning a contract with the City of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States 💥

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What Would You Say To
Agencies Thinking About
Using OTF? Or do you have any tips for them?

“The biggest thing I would say to them is really look at the cost comparison. Because actually when we started using you guys, we started saving money too, because you guys were able to complete at least three or four projects a month, versus our contractors who were charging us a lot more.

It is economically better for us. I would definitely suggest individuals really take a look at the product, take a look at the time saved, and weigh out the options. And I think you'll see it's, I don't want to say an obvious decision, but it's a pretty easy one to make.”

It has been a game changer for scaling💥

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