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OTF’s 1st Programming Contest
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At the end of 2022, OTF put our Developers to the test…

Instead of their usual training session, our Tech and Team Leads put together a fun AND challenging Programming Contest to really test our devs skills!

Our Dev Team currently has expertise across the HubSpot CMS, WordPress, and the HubSpot API. So the main purpose of this contest was to provide a chance for our developers to have some fun AND push their JavaScript skills.

Our Fuzers have different skills and levels of experience, so we split the contest into two categories: Basic/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced. 

This ensures everyone could participate and be challenged! In total, 31 developers participated, with 15 in the Beginner's Category and 16 in the Master's Category.

The contest’s challenges focused on everyday situations within the company and required the use of code to solve them. We wanted the challenges to be relevant to our work and focused on our day-to-day tasks. For example, one challenge involved creating code to distribute sprint points based on priorities and capabilities.


We used DOMjudge, an open-source, automated system for running programming contests to evaluate the submitted code. DOMjudge acted as the engine behind the competition, allowing us to quickly assess whether the code was correct or not. Then, we integrated DOMjudge with HubSpot to use as the platform's client. This allowed us to take advantage of the enhanced functionality of HubSpot and make the most of our contest.

Overall, the programming contest was a great success! It allowed our developers to have fun while improving and reviewing their JavaScript skills. We were thrilled to see such strong participation and the high quality of the submissions from across our frontend and backend teams. We plan to make this a regular event and continue finding ways to keep our team motivated and engaged in their work!


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