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I need 100 Landing Pages updated while I'm on vacation!

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Client’s Challenge

The client needed to update 100 landing pages… ALL at once!
Our awesome client went on vacation and needed it done when they came back
Everything was in our hands… now that’s a vote of CONFIDENCE!




How did we work towards this SOLUTION?

From the beginning… Proactive communication with timely responses, Spreadsheets with timelines and team work!

The biggest challenge was creating a NEW TEMPLATE for each of the 115 pages

How did the team manage to do this?

The work was divided into 23 batches that were delivered in 1 WEEK

Updating logos, image sizes, redistributing texts in the same period of time.

Follow up… Keep the client updated, so they had peace of mind while on vacation.

The result

“Wow, you went above and beyond my expectations”

Our client returned from vacation with ALL landing pages updated!


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