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Unleashing Innovation: Crafting a Marketplace Together

Crafting a Marketplace
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Client’s Challenge

“We have great ideas coming up, and you are the perfect partner to create them & take them to the Marketplace.”

Our client had new ideas to develop a Marketplace, and with good teamwork between their Project Manager, the development and design team, we were able to bring this project to life!




Our team successfully built a Marketplace with HubSpot’s CMS Hub, with the following features:

  • Used ‘Scroll the Paralla’ effect for different layers to move the animation up and down
  • Used ‘Scroll path moving’ by adjusting the code pen to HUBL
  • The client was so impressed they now want us to create a ‘Spin to Win’ module!



“Last time I was in a meeting and many of my colleagues were struggling with HubSpot… I believe you can help them and we want to refer you!”



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