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Web Vital Metrics: Website Correction and Limitation Tracking

Website Correction and Limitation Tracking
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Client’s Challenge

If you have a website, it's essential to provide a clear, seamless user experience. To achieve this, it's crucial to stay on top of website corrections and limitations.

Google has introduced Web Vitals, a unified guide of quality indicators that serve as the benchmark for a great web experience. To help website owners, Google has also provided various tools to measure and report website performance.

This is super important for our clients… so our Quality Assurance team took on the challenge to ensure the websites we build for clients are up to date with Google’s new Web Vital standards!




How did our QA team solve this?

They created a template called a QA PERFORMANCE REPORT, which allows us to provide clients with a comprehensive report of key Web Vitals and errors needing to be fixed across desktop and mobile resolutions.

What our clients said about the solution...

“We found the report pretty amazing, useful, easy to understand and shareable with our client!”

QA Performance report

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