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Using an Audit to CLOSE a deal and Reignite a Client’s HubSpot Account!

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Client’s Challenge

 The client’s HubSpot Account has been poorly managed for years… it’s in desperate need of a little TLC!


We suggested doing a HubSpot Portal Audit to help our agency but they wanted more assistance in creating a ‘road map’ to help get their client’s portal up to speed.

Sounds easy, right?

Let’s take a look at some of the limitations our teams had to work with and how they found a solution…





  • They have never onboarded someone with an existing HubSpot account, so they don’t know where to start work
  • They do not know how to prioritize tasks to maximize the Portal Audit
  • The portal was very disorganized and had been poorly managed for years


Final Solution

Our PM Team suggested starting with a HubSpot Portal Audit, and instead of providing a list of the action points, the team created a spreadsheet or ‘roadmap’ for the client.

The spreadsheet included: 

  • Action points
  • The complexity, priority, and duration/size of each project
  • Columns indicate if the action can be handled by On The Fuze or if it is something the client needs to take on board.


This helped our client close the DEAL!

HubSpot portal audit action points

HubSpot portal audit action points


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